XProtect: failed to restore disk (HA_OPERATION_WOULD_BREAK_FAILOVER_PLAN)


When you attempt to perform a restore to Xenserver, you are presented with the error  failed to restore disk. You may see this in the BACKUP HISTORY/Report logs for the failed job:

User...........: Supervisor (override is enabled) 
Files to restore: All files 
Client Name....: localhost.localdomain [] 
Starting Dir...: metadata.xml:/ 
Exit Code......: 255 
Exit Status....: Failed 
----- XProtect Messages ---- 

failed to restore disk 
----- End XProtect Messages ---- 
No client messages due to log level 2 


Please review the XProtect Logs. If you find this entry

  1. ...please disable High Availability on the Xenserver.
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  1. Perform your restore.​
  2. Once the restore has completed, you can re-enable the HA (but ensure that the Unitrends Backup VM is never part HA.).


The Citrix XenServer Management API states for HA_OPERATION_WOULD_BREAK_FAILOVER_PLAN:

"This operation cannot be performed because it would invalidate VM failover planning such that the system would be unable to guarantee to restart protected VMs after a Host failure."

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