Do warranty parts need to be returned to Unitrends?


If you received a new or replacement part for warranty, the defective part is typically in need of return.


You received a replacement part or chassis from Unitrends for your Rack Series Unitrends Appliance, RXDA, or archive dock.  You're not sure if the old part needs to be returned or not.  


Generally speaking, all parts less than 2 years old need to be returned, and some parts up to 3 or 5 years old may be requested to be returned.  All whole chassis systems must be returned in all cases.  
For customers outside of the continental USA, parts over 2 years old will not likely be requested to be returned for most low-value components, however, if you received a label to return it must be returned.  

Where is the shipping label to return my parts?
Either inside the part package, or in some cases on the outside in the packing slip pouch, there will be a return label included for any part that must be returned to Unitrends. 

Once a new part is installed in your appliance, return shipping is expected within 15 days. 

If you do not find a label but suspect the part should be returned, or lost or destroyed the original box, or have any questions about the return process, do not contact support.  Instead, email to request replacement label or box as required. They will respond within 7 days (though usually within 1) with instructions and as necessary a replacement label.  

Where is the shipping label to return an appliance?  
As we generally understand installing the new appliance to replace an old can take some time, we do not include a return label.  Instead, when ready to return the old appliance, contact and request the return label.  

If you received a new chassis via warranty replacement for an entire appliance, it must be returned within 30 days. Exceptions are made for customers who have purchased professional onboarding services (SureCare) along with a new or upgraded appliances or Pledge trade-ins to accommodate lead time for service scheduling.  

In some cases your new appliance and old may be of different form factors.  If the old appliance cannot be safely shipped in the new box, or if the box was damaged or lost, contact for a replacement box.  Please do not return chassis that do not fit properly and securely in the provided packing materials.  

Will Unitrends bill me if I do not return the parts?  
Not immediately, and not automatically. We understand issues happen and returns may be delayed for various reasons.   
If a part we wish to receive has not been received within 30 days, our part return group at will reach out to you to offer a replacement label.  We will make several attempts to reach customers who need to return parts.  Only if parts have still not been returned after 90 days, customers may be subject to additional billing or support status suspension, but this is not done lightly, and would only be done if we are unable to get a satisfactory response after many attempts.  

What if I have to keep hard drives due to company or government security policy?  
If Unitrends would otherwise expect return of a drive for warranty, but you are unable to do so for security policy reasons, the Authorized Returns department will reference you to our sales team to purchase the old drive to keep it.  The Authorized Returns department nor Unitrends Support can provide information on what that might cost as it is determined on a case by case bases based on the age and warranty status of the parts in question. 

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