Release Notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.4.7


This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 10.4.7 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup.


Windows agent

This release includes updated Windows core and bare metal agents. The 10.4.7 core agent is recommended for all Windows assets and is required for Windows fixes in this release.


IMPORTANT! For Windows image-level backups of UEFI systems, backups may auto-promote to a new full after upgrading from a pre-10.4.4 agent if a Microsoft System Partition has the same disk/partition number as another volume.


The table below lists fixes included in this release. Unless stated otherwise, you can apply each fix by simply upgrading your appliance.

Component   Fix
  • Configuring multiple NICs – Resolved an issue where adding subsequent NICs could prevent UI access via previously configured NICs.
Backups These fixes require the 10.4.7 Windows agent:
  • Windows image-level backup – Resolved an issue when attempting to back up an unsupported configuration where the job would time out with this error: No response from the client. Task failed. With this fix, the job now fails with an unsupported configuration error. For example, The backup cannot proceed due to an unsupported configuration present on one of the disks or volumes configured on the system. * Disk 0 is a dynamic disk, which isn't supported for image based backups. You will have to protect this server using file based backups.
  • Windows image-level backup – Resolved an offset issue that caused synthetic backups to fail. After upgrading the 10.4.7 agent, run a new full backup to correct this issue.
  • Windows image-level backup – Resolved an issue that caused backups to time out and fail when VSS writers were in Waiting for Completion state. This state for VSS writers is now allowable for both image-level and file-level backups.
  • Third-party cloud targets (Google Cloud Storage Standard, Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Amazon S3, Amazon S3-IA, and Rackspace) – Resolved an issue where the storage threshold setting had been reached but subsequent jobs were still writing to the storage target. With this fix, additional data can no longer be added once the threshold has been reached.
  • Recovery of Hyper-V backups – Resolved an issue with partition mapping that could cause instant recovery and file recovery to fail.
  • Instant recovery of Hyper-V backups – Resolved an issue that prevented tear down of the instant recovery session. If the asset was part of a data copy access job, this caused subsequent data copy access jobs to fail.
  • Windows replicas of UEFI assets with GPT and FAT32 partitions – Resolved an issue that caused replica restore jobs to fail with the error Windows Replica restore job for file-level instance failed with error message: Undecided. This fix requires the 10.4.7-2 Windows agent.
  • Unified bare metal recovery of Windows image-level backup – Resolved an issue that prevented the recovery from starting. This message would display while running the Unified Bare Metal Recovery wizard: Waiting for a response from client.
  • Backup Copy Capacity Report – Total Protected Capacity and Last Full (GB) are now updating correctly in this report.
  • Appliance Capacity Report – Available Space (GB) is now updating correctly in this report.


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