Release Notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.4.3


This document describes new features, enhancements and fixes introduced in the 10.4.3 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup.

Helix self-healing

Helix is an intelligent SaaS remediation platform laser focused on eliminating manual tasks that IT administrators hate performing. Helix uses a SaaS delivery model to keep your Unitrends backup appliances and protected assets healthy, no matter where they are located.

This first Helix release targets Unitrends appliance updates and Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS). The Standard edition of Helix enables automated appliance updates and is available with all licensed Unitrends appliances. Add the Premium edition to detect and remediate Windows VSS issues. For details, see the Helix Quick Start Guide.


Nutanix AHV 5.10

This release adds host-level support for Nutanix AHV 5.10 environments. You can now: To run host-level backups for VMs that reside on Nutanix AHV 5.10 platforms:

Windows agent

This release includes updated Windows core and bare metal agents. The 10.4.3 core agent is recommended for all Windows assets and is required for Windows fixes in this release.


The table below lists fixes included in this release. Unless stated otherwise, you can apply each fix by simply upgrading your appliance.
Component   Bug
  • Windows file-level backups of UEFI assets – Resolved an issue where backups could fail sporadically with a VSS System State Writer error. This fix requires the Windows 10.4.3 agent.
Cold Backup Copy
  • Backup copy jobs – Resolved an issue where jobs could fail with the error SMGR_BLOCK failed (Unknown error).
  • Backup copy jobs – Resolved an issue with calculating available space on media that caused the job to fail even though adequate space was available.
  • Backup copy jobs – Resolved an issue with calculating available space on media after the job had purged older copies to free up space for the new ones. The job would fail with the error Insufficient space available after purging, even though adequate space was available.
  • Backup copy jobs – Resolved an issue where, in some cases, the job was reported as successful even though no backup copies had been written due to insufficient available space on the media. 
  • With this fix, the job will either:
- Purge older copies to free up space and successfully write the new ones.
- Fail to write the new ones if purging cannot free up adequate space. The job then fails with an Insufficient space available error.
  • Import backup copy from tape – Resolved an issue where the import could fail in cases where the copy contained hundreds of small files.
Hot Backup
  • Fixed an issue with application backups and the recency queue scheme where older incrementals were being copied before a newer full. With this fix, when a new full completes successfully, the full is copied and older incrementals are skipped.
  • Windows file-level recovery and Windows replicas – Fixed an issue where compressed files were being recovered as uncompressed, which caused the job to fail if the destination volume did not have enough space for the uncompressed files. This fix requires the Windows 10.4.3 agent. (Once you upgrade the agent, the compression fix is used to recover backups that were run with older agent versions. You do NOT need to run new backups for this fix.)
  • Capacity Report – Corrected the report to include Windows image-level backups when calculating storage capacity used.

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