Alert: Inventory Sync Issues in a Unitrends Backup or Recovery Series system


You may encounter the following messages when inventory sync encounters issues and does not complete successfully:


Error: inventory sync completed with 2 warning(s) and 3 error(s) in 30 seconds – cleanup skipped


These types of errors generally occur when:

  1. The VM or host is scanned but hypervisor components such as version or available resources are not returned.
  2. An application database is visible but not configured for backup.

The following message is generated when an inventory sync completes but fails to complete an inventory update:


Error: inventory sync completed with 2 warning(s)in 15 seconds, but failed to clean up


To resolve these errors, either the hypervisor or application database must return valid results.

  1. The hypervisor must be available to receive and return communication through the hypervisor's api calls.
  2. The application database must be present and operational on the protected asset.




The most common causes for these errors are listed below.

  1. The hypervisor is available to receive api calls but does not return results when queried.
  2. An application database is registered within the OS's registry but the application database no longer exists on that protected server.  This may occur for an application database that was protected prior to be decommissioned or relocated.

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