Release notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup Release 10.1.1


This document describes new features introduced in the 10.1.1-3 release. For complete upgrade instructions and considerations, see the AHV Protection Guide.

Release 10.1.1-3 introduces host-level protection of Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) virtual machines. With host-level protection, virtual machines are backed up by leveraging AHV snapshots. Simply add the AHV host cluster to the
Unitrends appliance. All VMs are automatically discovered and you can select them for protection.

In addition to AHV protection, this release includes:

  • An updated Unitrends Windows agent. If you are protecting Windows machines by running asset-level backups,
  • install this new agent after you upgrade the Unitrends appliance.
  • A new custom filters feature you can use to quickly filter the backups and backup copies that display in the Backup
  • Catalog.
  • New filter fields on the Jobs tabs. Enter text in these fields to filter the jobs that display.
  • Fixes for customer-discovered issues. See the attached pdf document for details on issues that were resolved in this release.
For details on protecting AHV virtual machines, see the Nutanix AHV Protection Guide.


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