Unable to login to the web GUI


Troubleshooting steps when unable to log into the UI


There are a number of issues which might lead to the User Interface being inaccessible.


The resolutions are ordered to address the easiest, quickest and most common solutions first.

The solutions should be reviewed and further troubleshooting is required as determined by each potential root cause scenario.

  1. Password Reset: How to reset the root password of the Web Administrative Interface on your Unitrends system
  2. An update is still in progress - user interface has been temporarily disabled
  3. As part of the update, dedupNT to dedupDB migration is running and has not completed.  See Upgrade stalls, terminal session reports "This system is undergoing a dedupNT to dedupDB migration."
  4. There is a full partition preventing the database from starting such as /usr/bp/
  5. The storage where the database is located is not running, has been unmounted, or has disconnected from the UB
  6. Database not running - Error: A problem occurred accessing the database during authentication
  7. xfs corruption - contact support
  8. Storage performance and health issues

To determine which of these apply you can quickly get the information needed by running the following commands, the first two commands are checking for high system load and memory issues which are not listed above:
free -m
ls -rlasth /usr/bp/lists.dir/ | grep disable
df -h
ps aux | grep post
cat /var/log/messages | grep -i xfs


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