8002-8012 appliance disk replacement process


Parts required: Replacement drive

Tools required: Standard Phillips screwdriver

Access required: Will need access to top cover and bottom of appliance and possible side if retaining screws are still in place


Step 1: Shutdown appliance via the UI

[Animated Tutorial] How to Shutdown the Appliance


Step 2: Remove cover:

  • Remove power from appliance
  • Unrack or move to allow for access as needed
  • Remove the two lid screws. (may have already been removed)
  • Remove the lid from the chassis via pressing middle buttons and sliding back top cover



Step 3: Remove then replace disk

  • Match old disk to original S/N provided previously
  • Drive is secured to the chassis by 4 screws each from the underside of the chassis
  • Once screws are removed drive should be able to disconnect and pull out vertically 
  • Secure and connect new disk 




Step 4: Close appliance and power on

  • reverse steps 3 & 2 to close appliance lid and secure back to previous rack/mount position 
  • reconnect power and press power button on front to power on

Step 5: Rebuild disk into raid

  • Notify support that the drive is replaced for support to start rebuild of disk this model line currently does not auto-rebuild the disk on detection.



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