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Upgrade fails when upgrading from version 10.2 or older



When upgrading from version 10.2 or earlier, the upgrade process fails due to a dependency issue with the mono package. This issue only impacts system running on CentOS 6 which are running a dated release.

The update failure results will look similar to this:




Older versions of the Linux mono package create dependency issues preventing the update of the mono package. This issue prevents the 10.4.10 upgrade from completing successfully.

To confirm this issue, use the rpm -qa command to identify the version of the Linux mono package installed. Mono version 4.8 is the problematic package version.

[root@VMware-UB-200-91 ~]# rpm -qa | grep mono

[root@VMware-UB-200-91 ~]# dpu version
Unitrends' DPU Kernel 2.6.32-573.26.1.el6.x86_64
Version 10.2.0-1.201806180102.CentOS6
Installed on Tue 19 Jun 2018 07:27:59 AM IST



To complete the upgrade, the system must first be upgraded to version 10.4.9 following the Air Gap upgrade process.  If above 10.4.10, or above, see below.

  1. Download the 10.4.9 CentOS 6 ISO and place it in the /samba/ shared directory (actual path in the appliance is /backup/samba). 

  2. Using the article titled How to upgrade the appliance via Unitrends' media (Air Gap / Offline updates), continue with the instructions from Step 2, number 2 (Download the

  3. Once the system has been upgraded to 10.4.9, subsequent upgrades can be performed following the standard update process. For more information, see How do I update the appliance? 

If 10.4.10 or higher and this issue presents:

  1. Download wget to /root/ of the appliance.
  2. unzip /root/
  3. yum localinstall mono-5.14/*rpm
  4. Update the appliance to the latest release through the UI.

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