Release Notes for Recovery Series, Recovery Max, and Unitrends Backup 10.5

This document describes new features and fixes introduced in the 10.5 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup.

NOTE: To upgrade the appliance from version 10.2 or earlier, additional steps are required. For details, see Upgrade fails when upgrading from version 10.2 or older.


Search for and recover files from VMware backups of Windows virtual machines

You can opt to index VMware backups of Windows assets so you can quickly search for and recover individual files or folders. With indexed backups, you can use wild card searches to find files/folders across all backups of the virtual machine, rather than mounting and browsing each backup individually. Simply select the files/folders and recover them to any Windows agent-based asset that has been added to your backup appliance.

To start indexing a VMware VM's backups, select the Index Backups option in the Edit Assets dialog. Subsequent backups of the VM are indexed.





Migrate your Unitrends Backup virtual appliance from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7

For Unitrends Backup virtual appliances deployed on VMware, Hyper-V, or AHV, you can now migrate from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7. For details, see the applicable migration guide:

  • A streamlined migration process will be implemented in an upcoming release. It is recommended to wait for these enhancements unless migration is needed immediately to meet your compliance requirements.
  • The appliance must be running release 10.5.0-3 or higher to perform the migration.



Windows agent

This release includes updated Windows core and bare metal agents. The 10.5 core agent is recommended for all Windows assets and is required for Windows fixes in this release.

IMPORTANT! Windows image-level backups – After upgrading to the 10.4.9 agent, the next backup is automatically promoted to a full.


Linux agent

This release includes updated Linux agents. The latest agent is recommended for all Linux assets and is required for Linux fixes in this release.



The table below lists fixes included in this release. Unless stated otherwise, you can apply each fix by simply upgrading your appliance.

Component   Fix
  • Indexing image-level backups of SQL 2019 servers – Resolved an issue with configuring SQL 2019 assets for image-level indexing. This error would display upon checking the Index Image-Level Backups box and clicking Save in the Edit Asset dialog: Failed to save client (null). This fix requires the 10.5 Windows agent.
  • Linux backups with exclusions – Resolved an issue where excluded remotely mounted shares were being included in the backup. This fix requires the 10.5 Linux agent.
  • Incremental backups of NAS CIFS and NFS assets – Resolved an issue where incremental backups could include data that had not changed since the last backup. With this fix, only changed data is included in incrementals.
Hot backup
  • Resolved a status issue that caused failed jobs to remain in the queue, rather than being retried after the error occurred.
User interface
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the display of storage and backup copy target information in the appliance user interface.

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