9002 - 9012 appliance disk replacement process

Removing a drive


Step 1: Shutdown appliance via the UI

Step 2: Remove the unit from the rack (optional if removing the cover while racked is not possible):

  • Remove the front bezel
  • unbolt the unit from the rack by lifting the bezel cover and removing the rack screws
  • slide the server out of the rail kit, bend the tab out to release the peg

Step 3: Remove then replace disk

  • remove the single cover screw (if present)
  • Open the case cover using the handle and remove the cover
  • Identify the drive, remove SATA cable from the back
  • Press down on the release tab, push the drive out the front 
  • Replace new drive into drive carrier 
  • Push drive carrier back in until release tab clicks
  • Plug in SATA cable

Step 4: Reconnect bezel on appliance and power on

  • Reinstall front bezel
  • Press power button to restart appliance.

Step 5: Rebuild disk into raid

  • Notify support that the drive is replaced for support to start rebuild of disk.
    This model line currently does not auto-rebuild the disk on detection.

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