Getting Started with Your Free Trial of Unitrends Backup

Thank you for signing up for our 30-day trial of Unitrends Backup. You’re just minutes away from protecting your environment. Read on for resources to help you get started or register your free trial to  get free help from our expert Evaluations team. 

 All the Details: Get the Deployment Guide 

If you do not have one of these hypervisors, please email Mo at We'll ship you an  evaluation unit of our all-in-one Recovery Series physical appliance. 

Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more help.

Installation Overview 

Getting your trial up and running smoothly can be done in 6 simple steps: 

  1. Download your virtual appliance—check your email for links. 
  2. Deploy the virtual appliance into your vSphere, Hyper-V, AHV, or XenServer environment. 
  3. Access the web interface via a browser (IP address). 
  4. Configure your backup storage under the Configure menu. 

It is highly recommended to use an attached virtual disk for backup storage. This can be added from the hypervisor management interface. For other storage options, please review the best practices. 

  1. Add your protected assets under the Configure menu. 
  2. Set up backup jobs under the Protect menu. 

 Get the Most Out of Your Trial 

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