System Error 85 - Agent Push Error


In some cases where volume letters may be silently reserved by Windows, including where USB devices like card readers are attached but not mounted, Windows may be unable to itemize and return available letters for use with NETUSE for remote application deployment.


When leveraging USB devices that may reserve drive letters, as may be the case with some 3rd party card readers, or USB drives in an offline state, and also for other cases of manual drive letter reservation for devices not present, the processes used by 3rd party vendors to create remote network mounts in Windows may fail.  


To resolve this issue, upgrade your appliance to the latest release.

  1. To configure this option, edit the appliance's /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini.  This can also be edited through the web interface under CONFIGURE->Appliances->(select the appliance)->Edit->Advanced->General Configuration. 
  2. There go to or filter for Section "Configuration Options.
  3. Edit the variable PushDriveLetters and set it equal to xy where the values for x and y are each available drive letters.
  4. Save the changes
  5. Retry the agent push.


This issue is caused by a Limitation encountered in Microsoft's NET USE commands.  


Confirming this issue may be done by manually running winexeCmd from the unitrends appliance while troubleshooting agent push manually.  In the output, the following text may appear:

find_ltrs: error 1 drv1=Z: drv2=Y:

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