Transaction Logs are Not Truncating After a Master Backup is Run on the Exchange Server



Transaction logs are not truncating after a master backup is run on the Exchange server


  • Windows-based Exchange backup tools provided for Exchange 2000 and 2003R2 Exchange databases on Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers. Note: Microsoft ended support for all versions of Exchange 2003 on 4/8/2014, and all versions of Exchange 2000 on 1/1/2011.
  • For VSS backups of Exchange 2007 and later, see  Exchange backup requirements and considerations.


  • Be sure that all of the information stores within the storage group are defined for backup. If a store is not defined, or a store is offline when a backup occurs, logs will not be truncated.
  • Check the Windows Event log for errors related to log truncation for Exchange, if there are errors here call a Microsoft Support partner for assistance.

For more on transaction log truncation, see Microsoft’s technical information on transaction log truncation.

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