Disable/Enable Upstart services for Linux clients


This article explains how to disable (and re-enable) the bpinetd and mynotify Upstart services for Linux clients.



After installing the Unitrends agent on a Linux client which uses the Upstart init system, the bpinetd and mynotify services will automatically start at system boot. In most cases, it will never be necessary to disable these services. However, if you do need to disable them, this article explains how. It also provides instructions for enabling the services after they have been disabled.  While these services are disabled, backups will not run for the Linux client.

Note: Not all Linux systems use Upstart. If the files /etc/init/bpinetd.conf and /etc/init/mynotify.conf do not exist, then this article is not applicable.

Disable Upstart services

Disabling the services is a two part process. First, you must create an override file. Then stop the services manually.

Create an override file

Create an override file for the service to be disabled.

# echo manual > /etc/init/bpinetd.override


# echo manual > /etc/init/mynotify.override

Stop the service

Stop the service you wish to disable.

# service bpinetd stop


# service mynotify stop

The services will remain disabled until manually started.

Restore Upstart services

To restore the services to their original behavior, remove the override files and start the services manually.

Remove the override file

# rm /etc/init/bpinetd.override


# rm /etc/init/mynotify.override

Start the service

# service bpinetd start


# service mynotify start

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