How to create a backup schedule


This article will provide steps to create a backup schedule.


To create a backup schedule, that can easily be accomplished by following the below steps.

1) After you are logged into the user interface, click on Protect in the left navigation pane. You will see the protected assets listed.
2) Next, you will need to click on Backup above the protected assets shown.

3) That will then bring up a new window where you have the option to choose from a drop-down menu the type asset you are wanting to modify and then the asset itself. You will then have the ability to edit the asset on the right by clicking edit and adding either inclusion or exclusion lists.

4)  Click Next in the lower right to move on to the job detail. Here you will be able to modify the backup mode, start date, days the backup will run and start time. You will also have other options such as reporting which you can modify on this page as well.

5) Don't forget to click Save in the bottom right-hand corner to save your changes.

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