BP: is not accessible, access denied.


Backup fails or completes with warnings and files are reported as not backed up. The error "BP: is not accessible, access denied." for the files skipped.


Backup fails or completes with warnings stating "BP: is not accessible, access denied".


C:/folder1/file1 BP: is not accessible, access denied




  1. Ensure the file referenced allows NT Authority and System to have Full Control access.
  2. Check VSS thresholds in OS.  Minimum 10% of volume size needs to be allocated.  Confirm volsnap errors no longer persist in event log (system) during backup when they fail.
  3. The BP Agent service runs as the Local System account by default.  If this service has been changed to run as a different user, ensure the user has Full Control access or revert to the default system user.
  4. If issue persist, review common resolutions to this error in Error code 0x8100002F and or error code 0x80070002 when you back up files in Windows 7.
  5. If you attempt to rename or delete this file and you receive the following error, this may be an indication of an underlying storage issue or event. It can, under rare scenarios, occur due to a form of I/O saturation.  This may also cause the file attributes, when inspected through the file properties options, the properties sheet appears blank. 
    "Cannot rename file: Cannot read from the source file or disk"
  6. If the files cannot be repaired or removed, you can attempt to exclude the files from the backup however the corrupted file may still cause an issue during backup.


This error is most commonly caused by a permissions issue.


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