Oracle Database: Virtualized Intel Solaris 11.1 on ESX Hosts


Improving Oracle Database backup speeds for virtualized Intel Solaris 11.1 clients



Oracle Database backups and restores use a CIFS network target as a landing zone for RMAN operations.  For best network performance you should consider configuring your network using VMXNET 3 adapters.


The default NIC used in the Oracle Solaris 11 template on VMware ESX hosts is the E1000.  However, Solaris 11.1 using the VMware Tools driver for VMXNET 3 adapters yields better network performance for virtual Solaris deployments.


Ensure that VMware Tools is installed on the Solaris client.  (See Third Party Sources)

From a vSphere connection to the ESX host do the following:

  • Power off the Solaris client
  • Right click the Solaris client and select “Edit Settings...”
  • Click “Add” to create a new network adapter
  • Select “Ethernet Adapter” and click “Next”
  • Select “VMXNET 3” from the “Adapter Type” drop down menu and click “Next”
  • Click “Finish”
  • Power on the Solaris client and reconfigure the new network adapter.

From a command line terminal on the Solaris client run the following:

  • Identify your newly created network adapter LINK/DEVICE
  • dladm show-phys
  • To configure a static IP:
  • ipadm create-ip <LINK>
    ipadm create-addr -T static -a local=<IP>/24 <LINK>/v4static
  • To configure using dhcp:
  • ipadm create-ip <LINK>
    ipadm create-addr -T dhcp <LINK>/v4

If your network IP has changed then you will need to update your client information through the Unitrends Interface.

Third-Party Sources

Installing VMware Tools in a Solaris virtual machine (

Configuring Network Interfaces When in Manual Mode (

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