Unitrends does not see SQL instance for Windows worksation


Windows Workstations support SQL installations but are not supported for SQL backup.  




To explain why the Unitrends does not see SQL on a windows workstation.

Applies To

Windows workstations running any version of SQL


There is a workstation is connected to the appliance but only lists the image object and not database objects for protection.  


Workstations do not have the VSS writer for SQL by default from Microsoft. Our client uses the VSS writer for SQL to take snapshots of the SQL instance but cannot see the VSS writer so it will not show up in the RRC.  Microsoft does not support VSS snapshot and quiesce operations for SQL on workstations even though a DB engine is supported to run there.  This is their limitation, not Unitrends.  


The resolution for this is to use the maintenance plans for the SQL server from Microsoft to take backups of the databases then use our product to backup the .bak file that it creates. This will create a dump file of the database and users will have to manage to rotation of these dump files using a full + differential management rotation. 
File-level backups of this system will be required, and manual exclusion of SQL data and log files will also be additionally required.  Image or VM backups of this system would not be supported or safe to use.  

These files will have zero deduplication and excessive storage overhead and replication overhead and should be avoided.  For larger databases or business-critical systems, or any system where logging of SQL backups is a requirement or where managed retention of SQL data must be tracked it will be suggested to redeploy SQL to a server OS per Microsoft best practices to support with modern technology.  


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