How do I pause backup schedules?


This article explains how to pause a backup schedule.


In Satori:

Navigate to Jobs and then the Active Jobs tab. Select the backup job that you would like to pause. Select the pause button.

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In the legacy interface:

Perform the following steps to pause a backup schedule:

  1. Select the backup system from the Navigation pane.
  2. Select the Schedules tab. Within this tab all schedules associated with any client on the backup system display.
  3. Select the yellow light bulb to disable the desired schedule, essentially “pausing” it. The schedule turns grey indicating that it has been disabled.

Note: When you want to restart a schedule, select the grey light bulb of the desired schedule. The light bulb turns yellow indicating that the schedule has been enabled.

For more information, see To enable or disable an Enterprise backup schedule in the Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator's Guide.

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