Volumes that are being included and excluded for backups



To give step by step instructions to locate and identify which volumes per client are being included and excluded in their backups

Satori Web Interface Steps:

1. Select Jobs on the left hand side of the User Interface
2. Select the Job Manager Tab
3. Select the schedule you wish to check
4. Click Edit
5. In the Inventory pane select the check box for all clients you want to verify
6. Then select edit in the right hand pane of Job Inventory Settings

Legacy Web Interface Steps:

1. Click on the client you inquiring about in the lefthand navigation tree
2. Select Backup. Located in the top left corner.
3. To the right select the schedule from the schedule name drop down box
4. Just below that select specify selected volumes and files
5. Select Create Include list
6. Click the box that says Open Client-Specific File System Selection

**Both sets of instructions will allow you to set inclusion and exclusion for your backups. 

**If any changes are made to either list you will need to run a new full backup once the changes have been saved.

**If you specify the same files to include and exclude, the inclusion is applied first. Any exclusions are then applied to the subset of included files.

**If excluding OS drives you will need to "Exclude System State" under the advance tab under Job Inventory settings.




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