Burn unified Bare Metal Recovery ISO images on a DVD or flash drive (formerly iBMR)


How to burn unified Bare Metal Recovery (formerly integrated Bare Metal Recovery or iBMR)ISO images ont a DVD or flash drive



This article describes how to burn the unified Bare Metal Restore (uBMR, formerly iBMR) ISO images onto a bootable DVD or USB flash drive.


The uBMR solution includes a set of WinPE ISO images that are booted to initiate the recovery operation.  The solution includes both 32 bit and 64 bit ISO images that are installed and available on the appliance. These images can be burned to a DVD or USB flash drive that can be used to boot a physical server that needs to be restored.

It is also possible to add these uBMR ISO images to a PXE server to assist in BMR operations including routine restore testing and disaster recovery (see KB article Add Integrated Bare Metal Recovery ISO images to a PXE server).



To locate the ISO images to use, please see Where is the ISO image for an Integrated Bare Metal Recovery?

Copy these images to a Windows server that includes a DVD/USB burner.  A good tool for this is Microsoft’s USB/DVD Download Tool.  Open the tool and select one of the ISO image files to use and the DVD or USB drive to burn the image to.  Follow the tool’s instructions for burning the image onto the drive.  Please note: the ISO file cannot simply be copied to media, an ISO-compatable burning application must be used to produce bootable media fro the ISO image.  Once finished, the DVD or USB drive can be used to boot a system to WinPE to start the IBMR restore process.

Note that any time you upgrade the software on your appliance, you will need to repeat this procedure to make sure you always have the most up to date images on the DVD or USB drive.

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