Exchange logs are not truncating


Exchange logs are not truncating



This article addresses an issue where Exchange backups are successful but the Exchange logs are not being truncated after the backup.

Applies To

MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013

Symptoms / Description

Exchange backups run, Exchange full and Exchange differential backups are successful but the Exchange logs continue to grow.  This may be causing a low space issue on the server affected.


Each Exchange store maintains transactions within the same set of transaction logs.  When a store is backed up, the transactions associated with that store are marked so that they may be purged.  When all of the transactions within a transaction log are able to be purged, then a transaction log can be purged.  If there is more than one Exchange store, for example the First Storage Group and the Public Folder Store, then both stores will have transactions in the same transaction logs.


To resolve this, add all Exchange store into a backup schedule in order to allow all transactions to be purged.  Once all transactions are backed up in an Exchange full back up, then the associated transaction logs will be purged after the backup.

You may also want to review the Exchange backup considerations and requirements
(Logs truncate as needed upon completion of fulls/incremental backups but if running daily differentials the commands to truncate logs will still go to Exchange but Exchange will not register the logs as able to truncate)

For Unitrends Virtual Backup, log truncation can be set in the Create Backup Job dialog (8.0) under the Job menu.

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