SQL registers via agent, but fails to show up in UI


After upgrading to a recent agent release, some SQL 2008 databases will no longer display as available for backup. It may also be possible to have enabled TLS 1.0 for SQL which may cause a similar effect.


SQL servers with some versions of SQL 2008 (on any Windows OS) may not properly display SQL databases as available to configure in jobs on the protect tab of the Unitrends UI or in Job wizards.  This issue will appear for clients running Unitrends Agent releases 10.1.1-x or 10.2.0-2 agent on unitrends 10.1.1 or higher appliances.   This may also result in some SQL databaeses showing up as new IDs as 2008R2 vs 2008 and prior databases appearing offline and failing backups.  

If TLS 1.0 has been disabled in SLQ and TLS 1.2 may be needed, please review this KB instead: Disabling TLS 1.0 causes SQL show all database as OFFLINE in Unitrends



The identity issue was resolved in release 10.2.1, recording the correct updated IDs in our database, but did not automatically adjust schedules for these new ID accordingly.  This latter issue is now also fixed in release 10.3.2 and the new created IDs will be schedules as existing IDs already are. 

To solve, simply update your appliance as well as the agent installed in all servers that have SQL Server 2008 or 2008R2 installed.  The system will not immediately adjust schedules, but will do so on inventory sync, which can be run manually after completing the update but one will also run automatically overnight.  

However note, if you prior used Windows Agent release 10.1.1-X or 10.2.0-2, and after discovering the ID issues already made manual schedule adjustments, 10.3.2 will detect you have done so and not perform automatic correction of this issue, assuming instead that any necessary changes were successfully completed on the prior release manually.  

Windows Replica Impacts:  Customers with Windows Replicas containing SQL 2008 or 2008R2 systems upgrading from releases prior to 10.1.1 will have no impact due to this change. Customers upgrading from appliance and agent releases 10.1.1 or higher thru 10.3.2 are advised to ensure their replica jobs include all necessary databases after the change, and if not, recreate their replicas.  Customers with Elite or Premium DRaaS services selected with Unitrends Cloud for SQL 2008/R2 instances need to contact unitrends Support to recreate their replica in cloud.  This only impacts agent-level file with applicacion backups and does not impact Image or VM level backups.  


This is due to our agent not properly detecting certain subversions of SQL provided by Microsoft.  This is a change added in 10.1.1 and impacted 10.2.0 as well.  It was important to separate treatment of 2008 vs 2008R2 SQL instances, but in 10.1.1, some 2008 intermediate (not fully patched) versions were also identified and were not being included.  Remediating this in 10.2.1 created additional unique IDs for some databases leaving schedules dissasociated.  10.3.2 not only corrects all 2008 vs 2008R2 versions that should be detected, it also identified issues caused by prior releases and attempts to resolve ID conflicts, update retention settings to match prior configurations on the original IDs, and update all backup, hot copy, and cold copy jobs accordingly.  

Once you have ruled out AG and cluster detection issues, look at the WBPS, log 4, and inventory sync, log 4.  The agent detects:
CSqlVssOdbc::AddAvailabilityGroupsToInstanceList: SQL instance SQLINST01 is version 0, which does not support Availability Groups

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