How do I disable mynotify from running


Steps to disable mynotify for troubleshooting purposes.  Disabling mynotify is not intended to be a standard configuration.



/usr/local/bin/mynotify uses high CPU utilization

mynotify is used to monitor file system changes and track them in the /usr/bp/Journal.  This information is used to minimize the required backup windows for differential and incremental backups.




On Redhat based systems you will need to stop the service.
chkconfig mynotify off

Remove the command from starting at boot time:

cd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/

rm –f S50notify_fs_event

Remove the command from starting via crontab:

crontab –e

Remove the line with the command:   /etc/init.d/watchdog -e >/dev/null 2>&1

to do this move to that line using arrow keys then type the d key twice

type :wq to exit the editing session.

Now disable the change journal in the linux client's profile:

          # vi /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini

  1. Locate the section [Incremental Forever] and move to the end of the last line in this section.
Master.ini UseJournal
  1. Press the i key to enter insert mode.
  2. Press [Enter] to add a new line add the following text on this line:  UseJournal=False
  3. Press [esc] to exit insert mode.
  4. Type :wq to save the changes.

 Finally, stop the mynotify service

         # /usr/local/bin/mynotify stop

On newer versions of Linux, you might also have to disable the service using systemctl:

systemctl disable mynotify.service



There are internal process that run at boot and at various times ensure that mynotify is running. The job request is also processed with the expectation that mynotify is in use. Killing the mynotify process is not enough.

You must follow the steps in the Resolution section to stop it from booting, stop it from being invoked, and tell the jobs to not expect the mynotify process for data acquisition.



An Incremental Forever backup strategy should not be used when mynotify is disabled.
Either a weekly Full with Daily Incremental or Differential is recommended.

For Novell OES systems, mynotify should be disabled.
For more information, see Linux Change Journal.

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