How to wipe a backup system


How to wipe a backup system


What do I need to do when I am returning a Recovery-Series or RecoveryMAX appliance back to Unitrends?



As part of our receiving and data sanitation process, the data on your Unitrends appliance will be physically destroyed. We recommend that you wipe the appliance prior to shipping us using a tool like DBAN or similar data wiping tool or reimage the unitrends appliance, or both. The imaging process will create new file systems thus removing all proprietary data.
For sites with data sanitation regulations or organizational requirements, Unitrends recommends the use of a third party application which satisfies the prescribed security specification.

Below are the links related to reimaging any Unitrends appliance:


This process may be used when a system is re-purposed for a new task, for example if a local backup source system is re-purposed as a offsite backup target.

This process may also be used prior to the return of a system being traded in for a new generation system or an evaluation system being returned.

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