UniView: Appliance version in UniView does not match the Unitrends system


The UniView backup portal uses API calls to determine the version of connected appliances.

To troubleshoot this issue, run the following commands and inspect the results.

# curl -s -k -X GET "https://localhost/api/updates/version-check"

# curl -s -k -X GET "https://localhost/api/updates/status"


UniView checks for the updated version once every 12 hours.


UniView reports on all unitrends software packages, where the appliance UI only reports on the unitrends-rr package. If the appliance reports the latest release but UniView does not. Therefore, check the version of all the unitrends package to determine if one or more require updating. (Not all packages are updated with every release. Therefore, it may be beneficial to compare with a known working system on the same OS release).

rpm -qa | grep unitrends


To attempt an update again from command line, follow the guidance in How to safely update the Unitrends appliance from the SSH Command Line Interface.

Advanced troubleshooting steps:

  1. look for any yum or cmc_updates running
  2. if you find any pkill -9 them
  3. yum clean all
  4. cmc_updates list
  5. if any found run cmc_updates install (package name)


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