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This article contains instruction and video used to assist new and returning Unitrends customers to prepare for their onboarding engagement.   The information included in this article may also be valuable for customers who did not acquire Unitrends Professional Services. 

If you have been contacted by our Onboarding Coordinator, either to assist you with SureCare Professional Installation services or to add new cloud services to a deployment, the processes included here need to be completed before your onboarding engagement can begin.  The first 2 videos are specifically required to be completed as well as completing and returning the attached spreadsheet to your coordinator in order to schedule those processes with you.  Further videos will assist you in the initial deployment which must be completed before your first appointment.  

If you are not engaged with our onboarding team but believe you should be, or are seeking professional assistance in your deployment, please contact or contact your Account Manager for assistance.  

If you are just here for instructions for initial system deployment for a physical or virtual Unitrends Appliance, please review the first video below and it will instruct you how further to proceed from there.  


Install Onboarding Overview Video: (required for all)


Completing the Discovery Document (required for SureCare Install or new cloud service additions):

Before watching this video, please download the Spreadsheet attached at the end of this article as it will be needed to complete next steps.  


At this point, before proceeding, assuming you have purchased Sure Installation Services, or, are adding new Cloud Services as part of your purchase, ensure you have returned the Site Discovery Document as instructed to your onboarding coordinator.  



With that step done, your next steps will be to deploy your appliance!  


Continue with your installation using the link below.  


Part 2: Racking and Deploying Physical Appliances:

Installation Onboarding Racking and Connecting Physical Appliances



Helpful Documents

Install Services Data Sheet

DRaaS Data Sheet

DRaaS Service Schedule

Unitrends Cloud FAQ

Unitrends Cloud Service Agreement



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