Log file location for errors, alerts, and warnings


Assist diagnosis of Unitrends system errors and alerts by providing log files.



An alert or error message is displayed and references a log file for more information.
Where are the Unitrends log files located?


Unitrends stores its logs in /usr/bp/logs.dir

In addition, most errors and reports will reference a log file path for more detailed information.

If the failure or error is not directly related to a specific client backup or restore operation, checking in the system logs directory for error logs from other processes written at the same time as the event or issue may shed additional light on troubleshooting.


If you increase logging levels during diagnostics to get more information about errors, be sure to return those log levels to their default setting when done.   

Sample output from a job in the Failure Report:

Limited messages due to log level of 3

Check logfile in /usr/bp/logs.dir/bpserver-backup-68.log

Files to backup:


FATAL: No backup data received from client.

Client Name....: localhost.localdomain []
Starting Dir...: Allvolumes:/
Command-line...: /usr/bp/bin/vprotect/vprotect --server --username testuser 
     --password ******** --backup --UUID 42330017-bac5-b1ae-9a12-e3f4ca2026ce --changeids 
     2000:52 38 38 7c 06 6b 3c 43-a4 26 1b cc bb 18 cf 9a/7 --hardware_hash iyN/wOv6DGnU0GvZ4KedGA 
     --appaware YES --GOSusername support2\mciraco --GOSpassword U2FuZGJhZ3M4NDAx
Exit Code......: 1
Exit Status....: Failed

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