Bare Metal Backup Failure


Bare Metal Backup Failure



This article addresses an issue that cause a Bare Metal backup to fail.

Applies To

Windows 2003/2008/2012/XP/Vista/7

Symptoms / Description

A hot Bare Metal backup fails with the error message below.

BP: Image backup of /dev/Partition-1-NTFS not complete!! The pipe has been ended. (109).


This error message most commonly occurs when either the client being backed up has a VSS snapshot failure or when the client or backup appliance do not have enough free space to complete the backup.  This may also occur if the C volume is set as a dynamic disk.


  1. Before troubleshooting the Bare Metal backup failure, make sure that you review the Admin Guide to verify that you have followed the best practices when running Bare Metal backups. The section to check will be Bare Metal Backup.
  2. Verify that your backup is not failing from an out of space condition.  If a backup appliance is out of space, you will see "OUT OF SPACE“ in the backup details.  Use the Capacity Report to verify that you have available capacity.  See also articles How to address "NO MORE SPACE ON DEVICE" and Out of Space maintenance and recovery Tasks.
  3. Verify that your C volume is NOT configured as a dynamic disk by right clicking My Computer > Properties >H/W>Volumes Type is Basic or Dynamic Disk.
  4. When a VSS snapshot fails, there is typically an event error logged in either the application event logs or system event logs.  These errors are typically searchable on Microsoft’s docs site.

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