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Support for DHCP clients


Explains how to protect Windows, Linux, or Mac DHCP clients.


Beginning with release 7.2.0, you can choose to add a Windows, Linux, or Mac client to the backup system by entering an IP address or by relying on DNS to facilitate the connection. This allows you to protect these clients with DHCP addresses. To use DNS, both the Unitrends agent on the client and the backup appliance must be version 7.2.0 or later.



You do have the option to add a new Client to the Clients/Protected Assets list using the Computer Name/Hostname option and allow DNS to provide the IP to the Unitrends system for the client. However, for this to occur, DNS and DHCP both must be configured correctly to ensure that are no delays in propagating changes made when a DHCP lease expires and the Client receives a new IP Address.

You should consider assigning static IP Addresses to the clients you wish protected by Unitrends. If a manual static IP Address assignment is impractical (example, portable computers), consider using a DHCP Server that has the ability of assigning a specified IP address based on the  Media Access Control address of the computer. This method of assigning a fixed IP address is called Static DHCP or DHCP Reservation. It will ensure that the Unitrends system will be able to communicate with the computer to perform its backups.

For details on how to set up the DNS (client or host file) on your Unitrends appliance, see DNS settings in the Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup 9.0 Administrators Guide.
For details on how to protect a computer that uses DHCP to obtain its IP address automatically, see To add a client to the Unitrends appliance in the Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup 9.0 Administrators Guide.



If your DNS/DHCP are unavailable, computers configured for DHCP may lose network connectivity or be automatically configured with a APIPA  address (that 169.254.x.x) when powered on or if the current DHCP lease expires. When this occurs, your Unitrends Server will not be able to communicate with the Client for backup/restores and manual intervention will be required to assign static IP addresses to continue protection or perform a restore. Adde 9.0 and 9.1 to the list of supported products and added Partners to the channels

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