SQL backups cannot be created due to error " value must be numeric"


Cannot create backup schedules for SQL databases, error output returned is " value must be numeric" 


This is due to the SQL databases having an underscore in their name, ex. (test_database) . The work around for this, is to create the backup schedule using a database without an underscore in the name, save the schedule, and then go back to edit the schedule and add the database with the underscore to the job. You cannot create the backup schedule with the database with the underscore, but you can add it after the job is created. 

Sometimes this process may result in the same error, the underscore may be cached. If you run into the same error output as before when trying to create the new schedule you may need to restart the apache web service and refresh the web page. To do this, open putty and ssh into the Unitrends Appliance. Once logged in, run the command ( service httpd restart ) . Once this is done, refresh the browser and attempt to create the new schedule again. 

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