[Animated Tutorial] How to Create a Backup Job


How to create a backup job


Follow these steps to create a backup job for one of your protected assets.

For detailed backup job procedures, see Creating backup jobs in the Administrators Guide.


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There are three steps to protecting an asset using the Unitrends Client Agent.

  1. Install the most recent Unitrends Client Agent into the computer you wish to protect. You can also install the Unitrends Client Agent into VMs that you have determined you would prefer not to protect from within the OS (and not use the Virtual Host-level protection).
  2. Add the asset you wish to protect to the Protected Asset tab.
  3. Creating the Backup Job that instructs the appliance on the Backup type and strategy to use for backup.

To create the Backup Job

  1. Navigate to Jobs (page) and click onĀ  Create Job (button) > Backup
  2. For the "What do you want to backup? drop down, choose the type of backup you wish to perform (example above we selected, Exchange).
  3. In the INVENTORY column, expand the Protected Asset and select the individual items you need to protect (in this case, the mailboxes).
    NOTE: If the backup type allows Include/Exclude/Advanced options, you will see an Edit link to the right of the Protected Asset's name in the JOB INVENTORY SETTINGS column.
  4. Click Next. If you intend in creating a schedule, choose a name for the Job Name box above.
  5. Under Select Backup Mode select the type of schedule strategy you wish to use or choose Custom to get creative.
  6. Make any changes to the schedule as needed and click Save.

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