How do I determine my average backup speed?


This article provides information about how to determine the average speed of your backups.


To determine the average speed of a backup:

  • View the desired backups in the Backup report (Backups>Reports>BackupsReports).  Select a backup to view Report Details.  Look for Speed near the bottom of the Report Entry window.  For more information, see Backup Information page.
  • You can also view backup details from the Status page as described in To view backup details.

Note, the data reported in these views only includes NEW unique blocks received over time.  This is NOT an indication of network throughput for that backup.  Data received across your network that is deduplicated inline during a backup is not reported in this sizing except for full file and VM backup types.   To determine the throughput on your network, reviewing the data transmission speed from the client side or tracing that traffic in your switch would be required.  As many backups run in parallel, Unitrends cannot isolate packet-level traffic and report it at the client level, we can only report "effective" speeds in terms of unique blocks written to disk during the operation which will not correlate to data transmission speeds.  

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