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How to create BareMetal ISO if UAC is enabled


Failed to create BareMetal ISO on Vista and up, if UAC is enabled



Create ISO WinBm image for BareMetal restore


Mounting Bare Metal Image...
Cannot mount BareMetal image.
You must be logged-in as the administrator user, or use 'run as administrator' to run this program.
Failed to extract Windows Bare Metal kernel files!


Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 introduce a User Account Control (UAC)  feature, which restricts the actions users can perform on certain operating  system facilities, even if they are members of the Administrators group. User  Account Control UAC is enabled by default on Windows Vista and Windows Server  2008. 


If UAC is enabled, you should start winbm.exe with option Run as Administrator to be able to create the BareMetal imageĀ 

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