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Failed to start schedule: Error checking scheduled events instances


Recently reinstalled UEB Environment using a temporary IP address. When reconfiguring the new VM to use the proper IP address, schedules stopped working.

The following error message is displayed when attempting to start them from the UI:
Failed to start schedule: Error checking scheduled events instances


1)  Update the hosts file with the correct IP address by navigating to Configure > Network > Edit Hosts File.

Alternatively, this can also be corrected from the CLI which is accessed through putty.exe.

[root@lab ~]# cat /etc/hosts         localhost.localdomain localhost       vCenter-RRC     Lab        Lab-824S.localdomain      Lab-824S

2)  Now, determine whether storage is online by navigating to Configure > Storage and verify the Status.

If storage is online, continue to the next step.

If storage is offline, run the following command from the CLI which can be accessed through putty.exe.

psql -c "update set is_online='t' where storage_name='Internal'"

Alternatively, this can be accomplished using the unitrends-cli.
To get the values for your storage, run the 

/usr/bp/bin/unitrends-cli get storage

To update storage and return it to an "online" state, run the command as shown below.  Your sid (-s), device id (-i) and storage name (-R) should match the values for your storage shown in the output of the previous command.

/usr/bp/bin/unitrends-cli put storage -s 1 -i 1 -o -R '{"name":"Internal"}'

3)  Register the Unitrends system client.  (The Unitrends system must be registered as a client to issue certain necessary functions).




This condition may occur if the system's ip address is changed outside of the UI.  Follow the documented installation instructions to avoid this error.

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