Pre-Backup and Post-Backup Command Timeouts for Linux Clients


Steps to change the pre-backup and post-backup command timeouts for Linux clients.



Long running pre-backup and post-backup commands can cause backups to timeout and fail.


If a pre-backup or post-backup command exceeds its WaitTime value, the system assumes the command will not finish. Without being certain the pre-backup and post-backup commands have finished, the system will not finalize a backup.

This is to ensure that stalled processes cannot hang the system indefinitely.


On the Linux client, adjust the timeout values in /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini in the [Configuration Options] section. The values for the BeforeCmdWaitTime and AfterCmdWaitTime options are given in seconds.

It is helpful to know how long the desired pre-backup and post-backup commands should take to complete so reasonable values may be provided which will still allow the system to cancel overly long-running processes.


/usr/bp/bin/bputil -p "Configuration Options" BeforeCmdWaitTime 3600 /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini

This will allow pre-backup commands to run for 60 minutes before timeout occurs.


/usr/bp/bin/bputil -p "Configuration Options" AfterCmdWaitTime 3600 /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini

This will allow post-backup commands to run for 60 minutes before timeout occurs.

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