Veritas Backup Exec: Journal errors


We use Unitrends and Veritas Backup Exec for taking backups. There are Journal wrap errors on all our servers when backing it up incrementally, i have followed KB 2567 titled, "Journal wrapping or Journal Overflow Error | Expand Journal Calculations" to resolve it but it only worked for a day.


Veritas Backup Exec must be uninstalled from any computer that Unitrends will be protecting.

Please check with the 3rd party vendor to ensure all entries and drivers have been removed from the system.

Some uninstallers do not remove all entries which can cause conflicts resource conflicts. The 3rd party vendor may have custom tools to perform and verify a clean uninstall.


Both Backup Exec and Unitrends RecoveryOS use and rely on the Microsoft VSS and Microsoft USN journal for backups. Unitrends relies only on Microsoft’s USN change journal for tracking changes, but the behaviors of other 3rd party tools may interfere with that. Some backup vendors tool-sets are running 24x7 using various methods to actively track changes, even if no backups are scheduled with that tool. Because of this, only one backup product should ever be used to protect a specific system or application.



Unitrends Client 9.2.0-4 and newer can now point out discrepancies in the backup and defines this as the error:

"...the previous backup time does not match the backup time requested by the appliance"

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