Incremental Backup Results in a Failure When No Data Changes


Incremental Backup Results in a Failure When No Data Changes, when System State is Included



This article provides a workaround to show failed incremental backups jobs when no data changes as successful.

Applies To

Unitrends appliance software version 6.0 and later

All Windows versions.


Incremental backup jobs fail when non system volumes were included in backup, no data changes on the client and System State option included.  This is typical of backup schedules where the only data being backed is a non-system disk such as the secondary drive(s) on file server where data seldom changes and system state excluded during a backup.

When viewing the event from a backup or failures report, the end of the output will contain the following:

----- Summary Messages -----
System state is excluded from backup, it requires include volume 'C:/'.
----- End Summary Messages -----

FATAL: No backup data received from client.
The database update was successful.

Fix: Exclude a System State from backup where only data volumes are included.

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