Newly created Databases or VMs are not listed for backup


Newly created Databases or VMs are not listed for backup


There are new databases added to the server but when you look to add them to a Backup Job/Schedule or run a 1-Time Full/Master of the database they are not located in the list.


We need to reload the database metadata using a manual process.

Using the HTML5 /ui/ (post version 9.1)

  1. Perform and Inventory Sync (see KB 5562 titled "How to perform an inventory sync")  Wait for it to be complete  (status at top of screen)
  2. Return to the Protect or Jobs page and create or edit your Backup Job 

Automatic inclusion of new detected objects

Additionally, to ensure new VMs or databases that may be created over time are automatically backed up, you may enable the "auto-include new VMs" or "Auto-include new Databases" option at the bottom right of the job creation wizard.  Do this for a single job protecting that asset only. On the next scheduled backup these will automatically be added to the current job.  


Database and Hypervisor changes are not discovered in real time.  Connection to the asset is required to perform inventory, and this only occurs at expected times.  This is done normally on each VM backup job  or database job launch as well as nightly automatically, but if the change has been done recently the backup appliance will not be aware of remote client changes.  Forcing an inventory sync manually connects to selected clients (or all clients if none are selected) and performs the nightly updates immediately to update the Unitrends asset inventory.  


Applies to

  • SQL 2005 and newer
  • Exchange 2003 and newer
  • Oracle
  • Hypervisors (Hyper-v, Nutanix, VMware, Xenserver)

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