VMware FLR of Windows Deduplication-Enabled VM or Image based backup


Not able to see all files on a volume that has file deduplication enabled.


When performing an FLR of a VMware backup of a 2012+ Windows Server with file deduplication enabled, you do not see all the files on the CIFS share on the appliance. 


Use the iSCSI share instead of the CIFS share.  Attach the iSCSI LUN to a seperate 2012+ Windows Server that also has file deduplication enabled.  When the volume gets attached you should now see all the files that should be there.


When we are attempting to mount a volume using Windows Native Deduplication, CentOS is not able to natively present and read the Windows deduplication index to parse out the files to the CIFS share.

To see all the deduplicated files on a volume with file deduplication enabled you have to have a server that is able to read the chunk store to make all files accessible.  If you try to bring the volume up on the original server it either won't mount or will cause a conflict with the already mounted LUN.  This has to be done on a different server.

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