Backups are still going to INTERNAL (D2DBackups) storage. (How to disable a Backup Device)


Backups are still going to INTERNAL (D2DBackups) storage but you want all backups to go to the new Backup Device instead.


  1. Edited the Enabled Jobs to direct the backups to alternative Backup Device you added.
  2. Used the Legacy Administrative Interface to disabled INTERNAL (D2DBackups)
    1. In the HTML5 Administrative Interface, click on the gears icon and select Open Legacy Interface.
      (or in the URL, replace the /ui/#/ with /recoveryconsole/)
    2. Click on Settings > Storage and Retention > Backup Devices > D2DBackups
    3. Uncheck the Online? option, then click Confirm button at the bottom.
    4. You will notice the D2DBackups symbol will turn from green to red. This indicates that this storage medium is now disabled, and no backups nor deduplication blocks will be sent to this storage device.
  3. You can now change your deduplication from LEVEL1 to any of the higher levels for greater storage retention (e.g.: LEVEL3).


You added an new backup device and want all backups to go to that new storage, but do not want any data to ever go to the INTERNAL (D2DBackups). If you do not disable the INTERNAL (D2DBackups), data could still be placed there (such as deduplicated SIS blocks).

At this time, the HTML5 Administrative Interface will now allow you to disable the INTERNAL storage.

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Your deduplication must be at LEVEL1 or you must verify that there are no SIS blocks in the INTERNAL (D2DBackups) storage container. Disabling the INTERNAL (D2DBackups) when SIS blocks still exists can cause deduplication failures.

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