How do I schedule iSeries backups?


How do I schedule iSeries backups?


This KB article will explain how to schedule backups for an iSeries/AS400 client




First, add an entry into the Unitrends system's hosts file for your iSeries server. Navigate to Settings > Clients, Networks, and Notifications > Networks > Hosts and select (Add Another Host) to add an entry.

Next, access the Unitrends console either at the physical console interface, or by using an SSH client to remote into the Unitrends system and running:


Choose option "4 - Advanced Settings", then option "2 - IBM iSeries Backup and Recovery".

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Choose option "1 - Create iSeries Profile".  Follow the on-screen prompts to create a profile.  For username, Unitrends recommends using the 'qsecofr' account.

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When you complete this, it will create a profile which is located at /usr/bp/profiles.dir/iSeries based on the profile name you provided.
If you need to edit it, just choose option 1. Create iSeries Profile and enter the same name.

Choose option "4 - Schedule iSeries Backup".  Select option "1 - Select Profile", select your previously created profile, and follow the on-screen prompts to schedule your backup.



Example of the process and output:

[root@UNItrends ~]# /usr/bp/bin/dpuconfig
Please enter the name you would like to save this profile as: MY-AS400
Note that the iSeries you wish to backup must already be configured on your network
and accessible via DNS or entered into the System's /etc/hosts file.

Please enter the name of the iSeries client you wish to backup: MY-AS400
In order to connect to the iSeries server, you must supply an
authorized username and password for this connection.

Please enter the username you wish to use to connect: qsecofr
Please enter the password for the supplied username: ########
The test connection to MY-AS400 SUCCEEDED.

Would you like MY-AS400 to be synchronized to a vault? (selective backups will not be vaulted)
[ y or n - default n ]

Please enter the type of backups you would like to
1. Saturday Master, Incrementals all other days.
2. Selective every day.
Enter Selection: 1


Note For DPU 3000 systems only, use these commands instead:


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