How to schedule bare metal backups


Steps to add bare metal backups to a backup job


One or more servers require separate bare metal backups, but bare metal backups are not listed as an option for the schedule types in the job creation dialog (Fulls, Incremental Forever, Fulls and Incrementals, Fulls and Differentials)


Select a Custom schedule and edit the calendar settings to place bare metal backups as needed.


1. Navigate to the Jobs tab and select Create Job > Backup
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2. Select the protected asset from the list and click Next
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3. Select the backup mode "Custom" from the list, then click to edit the calendar items:
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4. Drag and drop the Bare Metal backup type (and any other backup types as desired) onto the date(s) you wish to have them occur, setting recurrence as needed:
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5. Save out of all dialogues to complete the steps for job creation.  Please note that this can also be run as an on-demand job as desired.


Bare Metal mode is supported only for Windows assets and in most cases is not required, as Windows integrated bare metal recovery is automatically available for Full, Differential, or Incremental file-level backups that do not exclude system state. 

For more information, see our admin guide link and review the section "Which bare metal method should I use?"

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