Agent installation or upgrade


This article provides an overview of agent installation and upgrades



Before an asset can be added to a Unitrends appliance, an agent must be installed.  For most versions of Windows, the agent is installed automatically when you add the asset.  For assets running other operating systems, you must install the agent manually.  This article provides details.


Agent installation using Group Policy

The Windows agent can be deployed using Microsoft Group Policy.  See the Microsoft Group Policy documentation for details on downloading and using the Group Policy software.

For more details regarding all agent installation and upgrade options, see How to install or update the Unitrends agent using Group Policy.


Manual agent installation

For assets running other operating systems, you must install the agents manually before adding the assets to an appliance.  You can access the agents from the Downloads page of the Unitrends support site.


Automatic agent installation

For assets running most version of Windows, the Unitrends agent push feature automatically installs the agent when you add the asset to the appliance.  Agent push supports the following versions of Windows:

  • All client versions from XP Professional and up.
  • All server versions from 2003 and up.
  • Additional prerequisites and troubleshooting steps are described in Troubleshooting Agent Push

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