Create a Linux Bare Metal Boot CD


Create a Linux Bare Metal Boot CD



How to create a Linux bare metal boot CD.


A bare metal boot CD, along with a successful master backup, will be required to perform a bare metal restore of a Linux client.


  1. From the command line on the Unitrends system, run the command ‘/usr/bp/bin/dpuconfig’.

    Note For DPU 3000 systems only: use these commands instead:

  2. Choose Advanced Options
  3. Choose Bare Metal Media creation
  4. Choose Linux Hot Bare Metal Media
  5. Choose your Linux client to make the boot media for
  6. Your .iso will be created
  7. To access your .iso to burn it to a disc, navigate Windows Explorer to \\UNITRENDSIP\baremetals

For more details, see Bare Metal for Linux.

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