Hyper-V guest becomes unavailable during backup


Hyper-V guest VM may become unavailable during backup



Enable online backups of Hyper-V guests


When a backup initiates, the Hyper-V guest becomes temporarily inaccessible.


 There are several requirements to perform online backups of Hyper-V guests. If these requirements are not met, there can be brief unavailability of the guest while backups are running.


Make sure the following requirements are met on the guest VM:

  • Integration services must be installed and running on the guest
  • VSS snapshot storage on host must be on the same volume as your .vhd/vhdx files
  • Guest disks must be basic, not dynamic
  • Guest file system must be NTFS

Note that if these requirements are not met, backups should still run successfully. However, the guest will most likely become temporarily unavailable.

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