What backup personalities can my backup system use to protect my data?


What backup personalities/identities can my backup system use to protect my data


There are three different personalities that can be used in data protection. The first is a “Backup System”, which simply does backups. Once backups are done, the data can be pushed to another appliance that has the “Replication Target” personality, so that in the case that the primary Backup System has been lost, the Replication Target can be used in disaster recovery to repopulate the environment and the lost backup system. It is also possible to have two units that can perform backups and function as the replication targets for each other. This is called “Cross-Replication”.

Most units can function in all three personalities, but there are a few that are limited:

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB)

          Backup System (OR)

          Replication Target


          Backup System


          Backup System (OR)

          Replication Target

All Recovery-Series models other than -172 and -212

          Backup system (OR)

          Replication target (OR)

          Backup System & Replication Target (Cross-Replication)



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