How to perform a Hot Bare Metal backup of an entire disk on a Windows client


How to perform a Hot Bare Metal backup of an entire disk on a Windows client



This article addresses how to configure the Unitrends agent for Windows to protect the entire disk rather than only the root (C:) volume during a hot Bare Metal backup.

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Windows Servers and Desktops


By default, a Windows hot Bare Metal backup protects the partition table and the root volume.  The Unitrends agent for Windows can be configured the entire disk.


Locate the volume on which the Unitrends Agent is installed, this is the C: volume by default.  The Unitrends Agent software is installed in the \PCBP\ directory.  Within the \PCBP\ directory, the primary configuration file is the MASTER.ini.

  1. Open the MASTER.ini configuration file using a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. In the BProfessional section (denoted by brackets), add the entry “autoconfigureincludes=false” as indicated below:


Title=MicroSoft NT                  ; Do not edit
TestTries=1                               ; Do not edit
CatalogLines=66                                   ; Number of lines in the catalog file per page
IsClient=1                                 ; Do not edit
Netpacket=8192                                   ; Packet size to be used.
Inettime=1500                                      ; Do not edit
RewindDelay=30                                  ; Wait for 30 seconds for rewinding
ResetArchiveBit=True              ; Is Archive bit reset after Mast/Incr backup
BackupProperties=True                        ; Backup properties, ownership rights, for
                                                  ; files/folders
BackupRegSec=True                ; Backup the properties, ownership rights for                                                                     ; registry keys
EnableAutomaticRestart=False            ; Disable auto Shutdown after restoring system files
DetectHungFiles=False                        ; Synchronous logging capability. Use after
                                                  ; consulting Unitrends support
AfterCmdWaitTime=1800                   ; # of seconds to wait for after commmand.
SystemStateBackup=True                    ; Backup system state
NtBackupKeepAlive=600                    ; # of seconds to wait for NtBackup to finish.
NTBackupLocation=                ; Where (directory) to dump the system state backup.
                                                  ; default is C:

;Debugging levels for the processes on a scale from 0 - 5

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