Unable to See Xen Virtual Machines (VMs) on UEBs



To inform Xen UEB users about Xen Virtual Machines (VMs) not being displayed on the UEB User Interface (UI).


After registering a Xen Pool Master, some of the Xen VMs in the inventory don't show up on the UEB UI.


For Xen VMs in the inventory that don't have their 'resident-on (RO)' and/or 'affinity (RW)' fields set, UEB can't relate them to any Xen server and so, it doesn't display them on the UEB UI. These VMs are usually in a powered OFF state


There are 2 ways to resolve this -

1. If a VM is powered OFF, it can be assigned to a XenServer host from the pool by setting the affinity parameter of the VM.
    The affinity parameter of the VM can be set to the UUID of the desired XenServer host using the 'xe-vm-param-set' command.
    Once this is set, the system will start the VM there if it can. If it can't, then, it will default to choosing from the set of possible XenServer hosts.
2. If the VM is powered OFF and then, powered ON, the VM will get assigned to any of the hosts. This will set the 'resident-on' field.

After any of the above, an inventory sync needs to be performed on the UEB UI to get the latest list of VMs and the missing VMs should be seen.


In some rare cases, permissions may be related to the issue. Update the CREDENTIALS using these steps, them perform the Inventory Sync.

  1. Click CONFIGURE, then click on the Protected Assets tab at the top.
  2. Click on MASTER_POOL and click on Edit button.
  3. In CREDENTIALS section, repopulate the information, and verify the DETAILS is correct, then Save this page.
  4. Perform an Inventory Sync.
Then check the Unitrends again.

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